Babies are naturally very sensitive to the environment and their senses of smell and touch are very sharp right from birth. So even the slightest humidity or dirt can irritate them and also increase chances of germs on their body Promising gentle and effective protection , Mee Mee Gentle Baby wipes are handy way of keeping your baby refreshed and happy at all times. Whether your baby needs to be cleaned after a messy mealtime, a busy play time, while traveling or even after you have just changed his/her diaper just use the wipes to instantly cool and cleanse your little on’s delicate skin. These wipes have a thick texture enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, ensuring skin doesn’t dry out and is always moisturized. The soothing scent is very pleasant. These wipes are made of spun lace non woven fabric, are hypo allergic and free of alcohol.